Game – Jiggle giggles – SMILE – JK1090-PA 



Jiggle giggles – even the NAME of this game is filled with fun!

This is such a great family game, the kind that you play with your children because it’s fun together not just because you ‘need’ to play.

To move and be physically active is part of being a child.  Movement provides the foundation for the development of many perceptual skills needed for learning.

How to play :

Players move around the giant-sized mat and pick up a card or perform a task depending on which shape they land on.

  • Imitate one of the animals depicted on the mat.
  • Roar like a lion. Bark like a dog.
  • Crawl as fast, or as slow as you can around the mat.
  • Sing your favorite song loudly or softly. With or without actions.
  • Pick up a card and mime what you see, jiggle like jelly, flutter like a leaf.
  • Pick up a card and perform the action eg balance the beanbag on your head, or your shoulder, on your back.