Geostructa – Construction – SMILE – JK1733-CO



  1. How many pieces have been used to make this shape? Have YOU ever played with this product? If not – it’s worth buying one for your family – it’s fun AND educational!
  2. Create your own construction with GEOSTRUCTA, explore 3-dimensional designs and let your imagination run free. Geostructa is a construction game where you learn the fundamental mathematical principles of geometry and having fun doing it. Similarities and differences:
  3. All shapes have edges and corners. The corners and angles differ from shape to shape making a unique structure each time your child experiments with GEOSTRUCTA.
  4. Exploring with tessellation: The ability of shapes to fit together without leaving spaces. Observe the effects of tessellating in different colors. Geometrical vocabulary: Learn the names of the 3-dimensional shapes and get your child to remember them without assistance.
  5. Eye-hand coordination: Sorting selecting and placing the shapes in their correct positions on the cards will help your child to co-ordinate the movements of his eyes and hands.
  6. Good eye-hand coordination is necessary for most everyday activities such as dressing, tying shoelaces, cutting activities and pencil control.
  7. Contents: – 14 hexagons – 14 pentagons – 28 squares – 28 triangles – full colour booklet

Create-a-design booklet included.