Shapes – Logi Shapes Galore – SMILE – JK1831-CO



Before children can be introduced to actual reading, writing, and mathematics, they will require an introduction to many basic skills. The activities in LOGI SHAPES GALORE will introduce many of these skills in a fun manner.

Start by introducing your child to various shapes in this set. Basic conversation involving the names of colors and shapes is always recommended. Talk about the similarities and the differences in the shapes.

Some of the skills developed
One-to-one correspondence: Match the designs on the copy cards

Spatial relations: Understand concepts such as above, below, next to, beside, underneath, in the middle, left, right, in front, etc.

Problem-solving: The ability to analyze and copy a drawing will help your child to understand basic mathematical concepts such as two rectangles are the same size as a square.

Fine motor skills: Placing of the shapes on top of the pictures will develop and strengthen the small muscles in the hands and fingers.

80 shapes 16-page parent booklet

16 double-sided activity cards 2 spinners